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IBIO TECH ApS missions are excellent services for bioconjugate development and testing, with a goal to improve management of human autoimmune diseases and cancer

IBIO TECH ApS aims to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for people with autoimmune diseases and cancer.


Human autoimmune diseases are complex, with enigmatic biomarker profiles and often impossible early diagnosis. As to the treatment, the situation is even worse. Plethora of autoimmune diseases (>50) have no direct treatment options which decreases patient's life quality and causes long-term disability and often death.


The acknowledgment of a close relationship between autoimmunity and cancer has been growing over recent years, which opens up new opportunities for personalized patient management.

Being mainly focused on effective management of human autoimmunity, IBIO TECH ApS also works on advancing diagnostic solutions for cancer, and on early detection of cancer driver mutations in patients with autoimmune diseases.


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