August 3, 2017

May 23, 2017

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Crisis of reproducibility or breakthrough in sensitivity??

May 8, 2017

At the RNA consortium meeting in the City of Hope, Duarte, USA, several researchers shared the data on high diversity of biological samples obtained from animals they use in their projects.

The samples have been analyzed by sequencing and PCR. The diversity of mRNA sequences and levels in the samples from same animal vary so much that no one would think this is same animal just by looking at the data. This puzzling finding suggests that we must rethink the way we analyze animal model and human samples prior to drawing any conclusions on their biological composition.

Modern crisis of reproducibility can be just a consequence of a high diversity and complexity of each living organism which now can be detected by ultra-sensitive techniques.

The Nature keeps on surprising us, and novel methods might open up great oppportunities to take a deeper look into it:)

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