August 3, 2017

May 23, 2017

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Russian's questions about Denmark - with answers

August 6, 2018

In January this year I was approached by a Russian friend and journalist Anna who asked about my life in Denmark. Below are some questions that I found interesting to reply on.


A. How long have you lived in Denmark? K. I haven't really lived permanent anywhere, ever. For last 14 years, I spend in Denmark about 30-60% of my year.


A. What are you doing now? What is the reason for your move? Do you own a house or rent? Where did you live when you moved? K. I do research, teach. Recently I have started my business. I moved because I got tired of Moscow. I owe an apartment in Copenhagen with my husband. When I moved I got a room in a house with 3 other PostDocs from University, in Odense. Living there with them was a lot of fun:)


A. How is it to be a researcher in Denmark? K. pretty cool. I love the flat team structure in Danish academia. Bossing attitude of anyone who was granted just a bit of power exhausted me back in Russia. Through supervision and teaching on equal terms I actively exchange ideas with my team members and students. It's great.


A. What must I try in Denmark? What kind of local cuisine should I try? K. Biking outside the city is very Danish way to relax which I strongly recommend. Danish cousine is raw, simple. I like it and recommend trying Danish brunch, or dinner somewhere downtown Copenhagen.


A. How is it to be a parent in Denmark? Do you want your children to speak Russian?  K. Being a non-Danish parent in Denmark is both simple and difficult. It's simple because the system of child care is great, and difficult because the culture is so different from the one I was raised in. Danes do not demand that much on their kids, whereas Russians see parenting as a top priority raise a champion project:) I try to find balance. No, my kids will not speak Russian, only if they want to learn it themselves.


A. Do you feel happy in Denmark? Do you feel home? Do you consider moving back to Russia? K. I can feel happy anywhere I go, the feeling travels together with me and is not connected to specific geography. I am happy and am extremely grateful for my Danish family, friends, colleagues and students, they are amazing! I have about 7 places that I consider home, and Copenhagen is one of them! I don't know if I will permanently move to Russia, or other country. I might spend more time there fore sure one day, if there is an exciting project or so.



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